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About Us

About the Founder and Vision

Siddharth Pandiya is the founder of Debate for Change. Currently in Grade 12 at Greenwood High International School, Bangalore, he is an avid debater and Model UN participant. An accomplished public speaker, he has won awards at a plethora of different competitions at the city, regional, national and international level. He is the founder and Head Delegate of MUNdreas, India’s premier Model UN (MUN) delegation, which has won the country’s most prestigious MUN, Harvard MUN, for the past two years running (2015 and 2016).

Siddharth has been a gifted debater and public speaker since Grade 4. At that age, he noticed the glaring absence of a platform where students and adults could debate pertinent issues, exchange ideas and discuss opposing viewpoints every day. He has founded Debate for Change to fill this very void. This venture enables people to connect with others at a similar level across the world and engage in fruitful debate about a farrago of relevant and riveting topics.
DfC participants can choose from a range of statements, and subject to opponent availability, can engage in organized discussion. The three major differences between DfC and other debate websites are:

  • The voice (and soon, video) functionality

  • The presence of a moderator to declare a winner

  • The system of ranking on the basis of points

So join Debate for Change today, and vie for that coveted World #1 rank!

Board of Advisors

Strategic Advisors

Sid Banerjee

Venkat Sarma

Dr. Tarun Kapoor

Technology Advisors

Ravi Jain

Sanjit Chatterjee

Rahul Tongia

Finance Advisors

Narayanan Rajagopalan

Karandeep Singh

Sumit Keshan

Vipul Kapur

Marketing Advisor

Saurabh Saksena



Top Debaters

Coming Soon

  • Social Media: Share the results of your debate and ranking through email and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google+ etc.
  • Topics: Add your topics of interest, and debate on statements related to those topics. Suggest your own topics and statements, and receive points if they are included in the website.
  • Watch: Watch top debaters face off and learn how they convey ideas and convince an opponent.
  • My Clubs: Create a network of debaters from your school, city, state or country, and form debate clubs online like never before.
  • My Debates: Listen to complete recordings of every debate you ever participated in, and note down areas of improvement in order to make yourself a more complete debater.
  • New Ways to Debate: Debate in different formats and with more people per debate, and become a more versatile debater.
  • Dynamic Points: Receive more points for beating higher-ranked debaters, and fight for an even better ranking.
  • DfC App: Debate or watch debates on-the-go using your mobile device.

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